***** Quavo - Workin Me (official Audio) *****

***** Quavo - Workin  Me (official Audio) *****

***** Quavo - Workin Me (official Audio) *****

  • Migos ATL Migos ATL
    Published date 10 Aug 2018

Official Audio for Workin Me" by Quavo.

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  • Dsean Jones Dsean Jones
    Always dropping heat
  • Javier Cuevas Javier Cuevas
    The beat 🔥🔥🔥
  • X_F34R_2-FRoZ3_X X_F34R_2-FRoZ3_X
    Lame ***** sellout what offset say "Get With *****"
  • X_F34R_2-FRoZ3_X X_F34R_2-FRoZ3_X
  • Kebra Nagast Kebra Nagast
    Yah, migos. what we needed
  • Arlllo Annnderson Arlllo Annnderson
    *****w does this not have a mill...
  • mebs au mebs au
    Feels like mask off
    Trash mumble rap like usual
  • King Bafanyle King Bafanyle
    Straight fire
  • Kevin Smith Kevin Smith
    Fire 🔥
  • Sophie Aseda Sophie Aseda
    The song is so good... I love you quavo your songs are good😘
  • Andre Jarquin Andre Jarquin
    This that Fuego!!! 🔥🔥
  • 박 니지 박 니지
    Cute han
  • Lionel Junior Lionel Junior
    I'm here for Quavo
  • Darren Beale Darren Beale
  • vibext law vibext law
    lol shes working me
  • Scratch Squad Scratch Squad
    This beat 🔥
  • Jamison Moore Jamison Moore
    This mothafycka On Slap. this my Jam aye "Workin Me" beat Knock
  • Noah Rogers Noah Rogers
    Dem nicki hands or a pros*****ute's
  • Cold Cutz Cold Cutz
    Skrr Skuurt!
  • N I G H T M A R E N I G H T M A R E
    Bruh why do the people w***** like migos and their content always get hated on :/
  • Robloxgames Roblox master Robloxgames Roblox master
    Aye migos the song is lit
  • KR G𐍂ant KR G𐍂ant
  • Vinicius Vinicius
    KD OS BR?🇧🇷
  • edinaldo ribeiro edinaldo ribeiro
  • Thegamerplays Thegamerplays
    Here before 1 mill
  • Mike Glizzy Mike Glizzy
    I cant go a day wit*****ut *****ing this song
  • mandj skits mandj skits
    6ix9ine and trippie redd squashing beef and apologize on my channel🔥😊check it out EXCLUSIVE//your welcome
  • Funkytown7777777 Funkytown7777777
    This song sounds like the other song that sounds like the other song that sounds like the older song he did.
  • The real jayweeds 1 The real jayweeds 1
    Its a throw away sounds old...its whatever
  • LENTS909 LENTS909
    I decided to go up like Major league 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  • Tekashi Sixnine Tekashi Sixnine
    murda beat drop something firrrreeeee
  • Tazz Devil Tazz Devil
    Where the real video at? @Quavo
    The beat better than his singing and lyrics. Where the ***** did rap go
  • Alfred Gonzalez Alfred Gonzalez
    Hunc***** skurrr skurrrrr
  • Littyy Lyrics Littyy Lyrics
    Lyrics on our channel ‼️‼️
  • Bossmillz Ent Bossmillz Ent
  • Gamalier Santana Sierra Gamalier Santana Sierra
    🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💪Remix con Anuel AA y Bad Bunny.
  • E Johnson E Johnson
    ***** on steroids 🔥🔥💙
  • Niko Goulas Niko Goulas
    This be a bit creepy...but *****t for sure. Quavo delivers per usual!!
  • WellIsGood WellIsGood
    Then retire with the buckets JT
  • Maroon Horizon Maroon Horizon
    Twerk twerk skirt skirt ***** u
  • ilir nuredini ilir nuredini
  • Cassidy Ingram Cassidy Ingram
    Here before it blows up
  • GregoLouco MVP GregoLouco MVP
    Then retire with the Bucks JT 👌
  • Bryan Hawk Bryan Hawk
  • Kleo3392 Kleo3392
    This song is too bland and repe*****ive.
  • Jordan Castillo Jordan Castillo
    Takeoff is best migo
  • Bound6 VeVo Bound6 VeVo
    Old Quavo Flow 💥💥💥💯
  • F.O.G. ElKay F.O.G. ElKay
    Elkayhefner - IG
  • Michael Marin Michael Marin
    Mask On ***** It Mask Off
  • Drake Booker Drake Booker
    This harddd asf but imagine if all them was on it
  • Danno films Danno films
  • Markee Bowie Markee Bowie
    This still ain't better than *****cat by quavo
  • Shaymon 16 Shaymon 16
  • Omar De Windt Omar De Windt
    That beat thi simple but fire
  • Nini Martens Nini Martens
    Legend's 💯🔥
  • Mauric G Mauric G
  • victor reznov victor reznov
    Wheres takeset and offoff
  • Justin Greed Justin Greed
    Last 2 or 3 joints from Quavo have been super sauce, sounding like 2 or 3 years ago Quavo
  • Jaxon Antonino Jaxon Antonino
    “Then retire with the Bucks JT”
  • med sousane med sousane
    That's nice 👍👍👍👍👍
    Smtin iz missing & I guess thatz KING TAKEOFF
  • Blazerz TV Blazerz TV
    ShaiTreeOaks need to get on the remix this ***** gucci
  • C G C G
    Noooo!!! u already used this beat and you've already rapped about this... This is garbage.
  • money way money way
  • money way money way
  • Brandon T Brandon T
    Only good because of the Jason Terry bucks reference
  • DaBlockProject DaBlockProject
    1:31 “Then retire with the Bucks JT”
  • Miguel Borrell Miguel Borrell*****?’t disappoint 🔥
  • Marcos Silva Marcos Silva
    Brota os BR nessa porra!!!
  • King Jp King Jp
    That flow t*****e💯🔥
  • Germans Grabovskijs Germans Grabovskijs
  • Christopher Hammond Christopher Hammond
    If you like trap*****p please take a look at my new single “THE BAG”
  • Sydney Wilcox Sydney Wilcox
    Quavo my bae and offset so don't get it twisted
    If this was lil pumps song it would go a little more like this...Workn me, workn me, workn me,Workn me, workn me, workn me,Workn me, workn me, workn me,Aye She beWorkn me, workn me, workn me,Workn me, workn me, workn me,Workn me, workn me, workn me,Aye aye aye aye She beWorkn me, workn me, workn me,Workn me, workn me, workn me,Workn me, workn me, workn me,Aye.The EndThen he makes $1million in sales the first week.💩
  • King Meeek King Meeek
    King Meeek x Quavo 🔥👀❗
  • Jordan Tirado Jordan Tirado
    Same flow as the joint they wrote for Beyonce and Jay z
  • Malicc Mitchell Malicc Mitchell
  • Destron12 Destron12
    “ Here before 1 mil 🔥🔥🔥” comment
  • Shan Black Shan Black
  • Breckin R Fitz Breckin R Fitz
    Quavo the best migo by far
  • Noah Edwards Noah Edwards
    My fav part is when he be sayin “perky” in the back
  • this is by far the most creative username ever this is by far the most creative username ever
  • Arrin Allen Arrin Allen
    Serve a feen ***** a ***** and go to sleep
  • Felicia Mace Felicia Mace
    He Finna Drop His Own Al***** He Already Dropped A Single With Lamb Talk This Another
  • Random Media Random Media
    Has to grow on me, 😏 *****wever i love the cover art 👍
  • Trena  Williams Trena Williams
    Listen to the fast version
  • Roma Beats Roma Beats
    Beat is fire
  • Jaylen Jordan Jaylen Jordan
    This song fire
  • Kysavvy knight Kysavvy knight
    I haven't heard dis but I bet he use *****a autotune
  • Carson Dolo Carson Dolo
  • YNV Toby YNV Toby
    Quavo got the best sound out of the migos he can do any type of style don't @ me
  • Nemanja Buric Nemanja Buric
    He workin it
  • Fjdjdjd Djdjdjf Fjdjdjd Djdjdjf
    If takeoff was on this I would listen to this all the time
  • Cep Abor Cep Abor
    murda on da beat + quavo = UNDEFEATED
  • 720 adrian 720 adrian
    Daaaaa beat!!!😤🔥
  • Tee Thompson Tee Thompson
    ***** yes man rep the south!
  • Young_ Kid Young_ Kid
    I like *****w quavo sounds wit*****ut autotune