***** Rihanna - Umbrella (the White Panda Remix) (ember Island Cover) *****

***** Rihanna - Umbrella (the White Panda Remix) (ember Island Cover) *****

***** Rihanna - Umbrella (the White Panda Remix) (ember Island Cover) *****

  • Proximity Proximity
    Published date 12 Jul 2018

Rihanna - Umbrella (The White Panda Remix) (Ember Island Cover)
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The cover Emeber Island made almost gives it new life and gave me chills when I heard it. White Panda made it a little bit more upbeat that I think youll all enjoy. :)

•Ember Island:

•The White Panda:

Picture By: Drew Morton[email protected]/

⚡Copyright Free *****!⚡

  • Ricar Saenz Ricar Saenz
    @[email protected]'
  • Puskahyyppä :D Puskahyyppä :D
  • Sanyam Malhan Sanyam Malhan
    I *****ed this song straight away and I have been listening to it all day long, the cover and the drop fix perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle. Didn't know umbrella could be remastered in such fashion that it'd make it my current favourite song.
  • Leo Phoenix Leo Phoenix
    the drop is incredible, especially with Ember Island's voice!
  • Lân Ngô thành Lân Ngô thành
  • Giền Anime Giền Anime
    Very good!
  • The Remy The Remy
    Estaria mejor con la voz original
  • arenis ripalda arenis ripalda
    I like this :3
  • Tara Winter Tara Winter
    Ember island really knows *****w to take an already amazing song and make it even better, this is absolutely amazing, and of course White Panda’s remix is A1 as always
  • Mateus Eduardo Mainardes Mateus Eduardo Mainardes
    Foda foda foda foda
  • PlaceOfElectro PlaceOfElectro
    I personally prefer the Matte remix but this one is still fire t*****ugh ! 🔥
  • ᅵᅧ쵸 ᅵᅧ쵸
    ㅡㄷ둩무새 ㅣㅁ ㅌ무탸ㅐㅜ ㄷㄴ ㅡㅕㅅ ㅣ둥ㅁ :3
  • Masmoudi Azer Masmoudi Azer
    Im in love
  • Cupcake_Army :3 S2 Cupcake_Army :3 S2
    que nostalgia esse hino aaa❤
  • SlowJet SlowJet
  • Matthew Samuel Kenneth Matthew Samuel Kenneth
    I like rihanna's voice so much..
  • Edwin Aguilar Edwin Aguilar
    Nice 🎵
  • Lapy Lapy
    I miss this song
  • princess bunny princess bunny
    *****o i love that unbrella its so cool with remix
  • iqbal nurani iqbal nurani
  • A.Nazier A.Nazier
    love voc*****p, awesome remix umbrella 🙌
  • Melinda James Melinda James
    One World Only SICK
  • Obito Prasetiyo Obito Prasetiyo
    Calm down and so cool 😎😎😎
  • Pierruno Pierruno
  • Ankit Sharma Ankit Sharma
    This one is dope 🤩
  • josepp daniee josepp daniee
    better than original
  • Sebastian[KDB] Rodriguez Sebastian[KDB] Rodriguez
    I love it 💜
  • Daffa Alfarel Daffa Alfarel
    Wow ***** perfect
  • NiCo NiCo
    not copyright?
  • JD Gonzales JD Gonzales
  • Don B Don B
    Wooow this one’s (g)old!
  • Spencer Darwall Spencer Darwall
    this is seriously amazing
  • Abril Alvira Abril Alvira
  • Vicky :D Vicky :D
    ***** i love umbrella <333
  • Fire Dragon Fire Dragon
    Рoney for the ears
    Magical vibe everyday !!!! ⭐️
  • Menthol Menthol
    White panda FTW
  • Charlie McNamara Charlie McNamara
    Proximity its always wonderful every time you realease a new song on your channel. This is one of my personal fav's because w***** doesn't like Rihanna? And on top of that, WHITE PANDA and Emerald Island improving upon this total cl*****ic, makes it unstoppable. Keep up the vibes :))
  • ENJOY music ENJOY music
    This is amazing your song.!!!
    Check my Tracks in my channel! :)
  • JÜüh Santos JÜüh Santos
  • Marvin Hernandez Machado Marvin Hernandez Machado
  • Sunil Kashyap Sunil Kashyap
  • MrO2Consumer MrO2Consumer
    The drop ruined it imo still like it
  • alisson salazar alisson salazar
  • David Stephens David Stephens
    Been my favorite song for a long time! About time you picked it up haha
  • Wavey Wavey
    I can still remember this song from my child*****od haha ^^
  • vasantha vasantha vasantha vasantha
    nice 👌👌👌👐👐👏👏👏💟💗💝💖
  • Coconut Network Coconut Network
    I just Stole Proximity ' Umbrella AHHAH
  • Daniel Stoican Daniel Stoican
    LOVE IT!!❤️
  • Rab Rab
  • Alis Cat Alis Cat
    Моя любимая
  • Soumalya Pramanik Soumalya Pramanik
    This is Fiery Jalapeno!!!!!!!!
  • RhenoKz RhenoKz
    this song is so much better wit*****ut rihanna in it
  • Riki yorch Riki yorch
  • Vibratto Vibratto
    that vocals 😍😍😍😍😍
  • Mamat W Mamat W
    🇫🇷Vive la France🇫🇷
  • Sanyam Malhan Sanyam Malhan
    Ahh the nostalgia hit me like a bullet train.
  • Pingi Pingi
    RIP Free2use
  • Dhanush K Dhanush K
    Awsome wooow 😍😍😍
  • Iuliana Izabela Neacșu Iuliana Izabela Neacșu
  • New Power New Power
    W*****'s *****ing This In 3088?
  • Sky KRS Sky KRS
    I love the ember island cover, this remix is nice too
  • Calvin Laudrensio Calvin Laudrensio
    ***** of my child*****od is back! Thanks for the upload :)
  • Corinne Nadler Corinne Nadler
    Das lied ist so cool😍
  • Hendra Wibowo Hendra Wibowo
    A wonderful remix.....This remix is better than original.....
  • SGN Official SGN Official
    ***** 🔥♥️🔥♥️🔥♥️🔥
  • Livia Tröbs Livia Tröbs
    Cool remix
  • Lena mp Lena mp
    I Love this song so much😍💞💕💖💞❤❤
  • Windows XP Windows XP
    I enjoy this more than the original
  • jeff ferguson jeff ferguson
    I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve been listening to edm forever and I just can’t view this song or any remakes the way I know I s*****uld. I know it’s an original work and great but my mind auto sings along so the pacing confuses me and ruins it a bit
  • Mimi Chick S.C Mimi Chick S.C
  • unknown unknown unknown unknown
    Im on fire 🔥
  • jack carbell jack carbell
    Very pure remix✌️✌️ someday I would like to use this remix in my video.
  • Mr.Radio Mr.Radio
    Nice cover ♥
  • akash. akash.
    MATTE's remix of this song was better imo.
  • Mayara Ramos Mayara Ramos
    Nostalgia😍😍😍 baixando aqui já 😌
  • Briayan Sarmiento-Chavez Briayan Sarmiento-Chavez
    This is my new favorite song!
  • Remy Lebeau Remy Lebeau
    This is interesting, but I actually prefer the original.
  • QueueTheKing QueueTheKing
    Man. I wanted some raindrops and sunshine. But I love everything about this song.
  • vineet arya vineet arya
    Good job ! 👍
  • Novan Aery Novan Aery
    Nostalgic. :)
  • Dak Music Dak Music
  • Hunmoni [Hu] Hunmoni [Hu]
    Proximity... You're always best
  • reelkena reelkena
    There is almost nothing from Umbrella in this except lyrics. At what point is it no longer anything close to a remix?
  • 9809888460 Thanks 9809888460 Thanks
    Amazing and so nice I love it
  • 荒野行動・祭_ハクア 荒野行動・祭_ハクア
  • ngipe2011 ngipe2011
    Guys any *****odies gonna be coming in stock? (*****pefully in the XL) 🤔
  • electricmaster23 electricmaster23
    Better than the original, in my opinion. Love this.
  • QuantumTeapot QuantumTeapot
    Is this on iTunes? :(
  • David Rhodman David Rhodman
    Ri Ri 🔥🔥🔥
  • Video Starts At Video Starts At
    The only thing that would make this better is if Tom *****lland was in it.
  • bk-x records 記錄 bk-x records 記錄
    awwh maa gawdd :O :) <3
  • Malte Malte
    Is there any Proximity Merch? If yes, where can I get it?
  • Snowphia Snowphia
    Love this!!
  • x WIPUx x WIPUx
    I LOVE UR *****
  • Mr Person01 Mr Person01
    I would get so turned on by Rihannas legs as a kid listening to this song 😀😀😀😀😀