***** வாணி ராணி - Vaani Rani - Episode 1642 - 10/08/2018 *****

***** வாணி ராணி - Vaani Rani -  Episode 1642 - 10/08/2018 *****

***** வாணி ராணி - Vaani Rani - Episode 1642 - 10/08/2018 *****

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    Published date 10 Aug 2018

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Twin sister’s Vaani and Rani get married to an elder and younger brother of the same family respectively. Vaani the elder one is a well read attorney and the younger one Rani is a failure in education with not even going beyond 10thclass. Though both have extreme ideologies of life Rani is a favorite among neighbors with her uncanny innocent a pproach. Vaani is a roaring lion at the court room who is looked u p as a role model to so many upcoming lawyers for her ad vocating abilities, whereas Rani is a well versed home maker. Not only with the sisters remain with this extremity but even their respective husband’s share the same dose of luck….Vaani is a mother of 2 children and Rani has three children who are in their teens . Volcanoes of persistent problem erupts now and then between the children too since each of them pertaining to different thought process indulge in living together under one roof as a nuclear fa mily. Their comes a stage when it becomes so difficult to keep the family values intact between the varied problems which keeps cro pping making the situation even more complex.

Will Peace ever come back in this family ?

Will anyone give up their Eg o for the betterment of the family ?

Head of Creative’s: Radikaa Sarathkumar

Story: Radaan Mediaworks In dia Ltd,

Direction: O.N. Rathnam

Dialogue: Pa. Raghavan

Screen *****: S. Kumaresan

Camera: Chellapandian

Title Song: Sathya

Re-recording: Hari

Cast: Radikaa Sarthkumar, V enu Aravind, Babulu, Arun Kumar Rajan, Vicky, Manas, Neelima, Navya, Andrews, Sasikala, Sudha, Niranjani, Gugan, Neha, Raviku mar, Vaani, Mano, Rajkumar, Mithran, Baboos, Sangeetha B alan, Murali, Srilekha, Rajendran, Nandakumar, Joker Thulasi, Tarun Kumar, Kavithalaya Krishnan, Ramachandran, Dharani, S hamly, Sruthi, Ashagu, Nithya Ravinder

An Icon in Indian Cinema, a top class actress, an incredibly successful entrepreneur and a Versatile Personality R.Radikaa Sarathkumar is indeed a W oman of Substance. She was introduced by Trendsetting Tamil Director Sri. Bharathiraja in his film “Kizhake Pogum Rayil”. Then she pursued acting in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kanna inning the hearts of every Tamil Households in India with the latest “Vaani Rani” a double action treat of hers.

  • sekar tg sekar tg
    11.8.18 episode varala
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    Why im not able to ***** 11/08/2018 ??? En*****ume kandu pudika mudilaa. Any link ?
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    unga acting super
  • Sridhar Sridhsr C Sridhar Sridhsr C
    Rani mam na unga theevira fan. enaku unga nadipu romba pudiku. keezhaku seemaiyile movei 50times patha. unga sister acting super. ungalukagave unga fatheroda movie rathakaneer paths👏👏I love u mam. enaku unga movei ella romba pudiku
    Where is Sa*****ay episode
  • R haresh R haresh
    Thanks for the upload, wow! I'm impressed by Samy's changes finally he took the right path . I *****pe Vani's search for Thenu come to an end and Rani you've amazing.
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    pls give the full episode 1643
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    What happened to 11th August episode? It s*****ws you tube has blocked that episode
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    Pls vani rain. New pls
  • Crsytal Lsharika Crsytal Lsharika
    Super samy one for all listern to rani and your family told has happen in the of*****.While nandini and the husband went to the police station rani and samy gave peace of mind and red hand speech less got s*****ck.The same time chandrakala husband come to chennai looking for puchi and the wife where leaving but the police man told everything has inform to gautham and vani.While chandrakala husband saw puchi come out gautham said Inspector of policeman the bavani father was telling and hearing has happen know that is thenu.Vani and gautham has confindent to look for chandrakala and thenu the help of bavani father.Rani will have two daughter same name so like two sisters.
  • Meow Meow
    Samy oru thirunthathe jenmam. He's lying
  • kalphana s kalphana s
    அழகு நாயகி சந்தரலேகா வள்ளி ரோஜா எல்லா சிரியலிலும் தினமும் பிரோமா பொடரங்க நிங்க மட்டும் ஏன் பொட மடேன்றிங்க
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    Plz uplode new Promo
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    Mortuary uh paruda.. lolz
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  • Usha Rani T Usha Rani T
    Please reduce the volume of the background *****. It is difficult to hear the dialogues.
    May be Sami Ippo unmai solratha irukkalam. But TRP koranjuthunna character thiruppi change aagum
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  • Radaan Fan Radaan Fan
    Samynathan going against his employer??? Is it true or is it just a dream?? Or maybe it could be true except, after going against his employers husband, the employer might blackmailed them, so Samy will be force to spy on Rani’s movement. By telling Rani *****w he reacted against his employer, by resigning his job, is he is trying to gain Rani’s trusts to see *****w Rani will progress on this case? Confusing ah irruku. Samy has finally changed for good or just faking it out like many times previously.Inther Nandhini madam ker avalodher purushaner Dheena Dayalan pathee theriyumah theriyadher?Good finally Chandrika, husband Iswar arrives but why he wants to run away from the police is puzzling. If he tries to escape and tries to find his wife, she might kill him too. So he better cooperate with Gautham and Vani.
  • Jos Jesus Jos Jesus
    gawtham pooja pappava avnga family ya kattunga
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  • sathish kumar sathish kumar
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    Over built up kaattathinga director sir thenuva odanea kandu pudikara Seena vainga illana asingama thittulaam poola iruku,..
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    sami is about to quit his lucrative job ? Or, is he fooling Rani to stop her from interfering in his boss's affairs ?Looks like, Sami thirundittan. If he was cheating Rani , he would not have called off his boss couple's bluff. He would not have quit the job . Lockup ku poiti , Raniku otthasa irundiruka mattan. Yet, this sudden change is questionable. Vani will s*****w Thenu's picture to eeswaran. Now, confirmed, that Thenu is really found. But,now, chandrika will use Thenu as her shield to further escape. She will not hesitate to put the pistol on Thenu's head. She has committed three murders. No one knows yet, that Thenu's friend also is murdered.
  • Sam Jagadash Sam Jagadash
    I feel so sad for Eeswaren he's two closest people died his daughter and poochie .also his wife going crazy that thenu is her daughter .i feel very sorry for him 😐😔😕
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  • Ganaish Raj Ganaish Raj
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  • Vijayalakshmi Gopalakrishnan Vijayalakshmi Gopalakrishnan
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